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Function: Lift Chair Positions Confused about lift chair position classifications? What the heck is the difference between a two position, three position and infinite position lift chair.... We've broken it down for you in our Lift Chair Positions Explained help section.
Comparing Productscompare selectedHave you seen the "Compare Selected" button throughout our site and wondered what it was for? It's there to help you. Our Comparing Products Help shows you how to make the most of it to help you narrow down the perfect product for you.
Lift Chair Sizes We've "tagged" our lift chairs with sizes to help you narrow down your selection. We've used recommendations set by our manufacturers. Use the side navigation to help you browse for chairs that we think might work well with a certain body size. If you have any questions, please call us.
Lift Chair Fabrics Once you've decided on what type of chair fits your needs, you now need for it to fit with the rest of the furniture.

Browse the fabric selections of our two manufacturers...
Golden Tech Lift Chair Fabrics
Pride Lift Chair Fabrics

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