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Lift Chair Positions Explained

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    Lifts and reclines to about a 45 degree angle.
    Lifts and reclines to a napping position.
    Lifts and reclines to an almost flat position.
    Lifts and reclines to allow feet above heart position.

Lift Chair Positions AnimatedTwo Position Lift Chairs
Two position lift chairs are perfect for someone who is looking for an affordable chair and doesn't need the chair to fully recline. The two position lift chair can recline to about a 45 degree angle. This position is typically referred to as the "Television Recline" because it's the perfect recline position for relaxing and watching television or reading a book. The two position lift chair isn't limited to the straight and recline positions, however. It can recline to any position in-between the two.

Three Position Lift Chairs

Three position lift chairs are able to recline further back than two position lift chairs, but will not recline as far back as an Infinite position or Zero Gravity lift chair. The three position's recline is suitable for sleeping, if you don't mind a slightly inclined surface. The three position lift chair doesn't have separate motors for the back and the ottoman, which means that you couldn't have the back reclined and the ottoman down. The back and the ottoman will always move together.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Infinite position lift chairs have dual motors which let the back and the ottoman act independently. The infinite lift chair can achieve an almost flat surface depending on the particular manufacturer. Golden Technologies lift chairs, for instance, can achieve a "flatter" state than Pride Mobility lift chairs because they are also Zero Gravity lift chairs. In either case, infinite position chairs are great chairs for sleeping.

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

Zero Gravity lift chairs are currently exclusively manufactured by Golden Technologies. Not only can they do everything an infinite position lift chair can, the Zero Gravity lift chair actually can raise the seat and ottoman to let you rest in the "Zero Gravity Position". This position keeps your feet above your heart and can help to improve circulation and reduce pressure on the lower back.


Gerry Graham, President, 4 Lift Chairs

"Typically, the more function a lift chair has, the higher the price. Our goal is not for you to buy the highest price lift chair. It is for you to buy the lift chair that is right for you. Whether it be a 2 position, 3 position, infinite position or zero gravity lift chair, your needs drive the decision. For example, the size of the space available for your lift chair could affect the function you choose. Once again, I encourage you to discuss your situation with one of our representatives."

- Gerry Graham, President, 4-Lift-Chairs.com



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