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Understanding Cost When Shopping For a Lift Chair

Gerry Graham, President, 4 Lift Chairs

"The price of a lift chair is one thing - cost is quite another thing. Price is what you pay for the chair. At 4-Lift-Chairs.com, you will always pay the lowest price. I guarantee that. Our call center representatives often have special pricing that may be lower than what appears on our website, so it's always a good idea to pick up the phone and call us!"

- Gerry Graham, President, 4-Lift-Chairs.com



Lift Chairs by Price



One important thing to remember about lift chair pricing is that the more functional a given chair is, the higher its price. For example, an infinite-position lift chair generally costs more than a 3-position chair, which is in turn more expensive than a 2-position chair.

When talking about the expense of a lift chair, it's also important to distinguish between price and cost. Price is what you pay for just the lift chair. At 4 Lift Chairs, you will always pay the lowest price. If you find another retailer offering a lower price on any product you see advertised here, call us and we'll not just match that price - we'll beat it. For more information, please read our Low Price Guarantee.

Cost, on the other hand, is a different issue. Cost includes shipping, setup, additional warranty coverage, handling and the cost of a return or a replacement chair. In addition, cost includes the difference between what is advertised online by a retailer and what you actually pay for the lift chair. In most situations your final cost will end up being more than just the price of the lift chair.

Manufacturers provide all dealers such as 4 Lift Chairs with a minimum price for which we can advertise a given lift chair. Therefore, we offer special pricing that is only available through our call centers and coupons. There are different coupons available on many of our lift chairs. You can sign up for them and receive them via email by filling out the information form located here. You will also see them on our site on various lift chairs; an example is pictured below:



Example of Online Instant Coupon


In many instances, our call center representatives may be able to offer you special pricing that is even lower than our online prices, so we encourage you to call before ordering online in order to ensure that you receive the best possible price on your selection.



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