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Specialty LL-770S Small

The Pride LL-770S is the newest addition to Pride's Specialty Collection. This incredibly comfortable lift chair features infinite reclining positions, so you can position the backrest and ottoman at the perfect angle to fit your body. Do you like to nap from your favorite recliner from time to time? If so, the Pride LL-770S is an ideal choice for you because it can recline all the way back to a completely flat position. In fact, with this chair you can elevate your legs and feet slightly above the rest of your body - a feature known as the Trendelenburg Position. Lying in this position offers numerous benefits such as improved circulation and less pressure on the spine. The Pride LL-770S is the smaller-sized version of this model. For the guaranteed lowest price on Pride lift chairs such as the LL-770S, call us toll-free at 1 (800) 993-8175 today.

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