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Pride Fabric Selections

Here you'll find information on the various types of available upholstery fabrics, as well as image samples of all the fabrics we offer on our Pride Mobility lift chairs. Please note that due to the resolution and color settings of your monitor, these samples may appear differently onscreen than they do in actuality. If you have concerns about making an exact color match to your existing decor, please contact our lift chair experts at 1 (800) 993-8175 for fabric samples.



Micro-Suede is a man-made knit blend of polyester fibers almost a hundred times finer than human hair. While very similar to normal suede, Micro-Suede is softer and easier to clean. As a furniture upholstery, it is especially prized for its durability and resistance to dirt. Liquids bead on Micro-Suede, so spills are easily cleaned by wiping the fabric with a dry cloth. Rubbing water into the fabric can cause permanent staining, however, so gentle cleaning with rubbing alcohol is recommended. Stiff spots may form in Micro-Suede after cleaning, but this can usually be fixed by gently rubbing the surface with a soft-bristle brush.


Plush Velvet

A luxury fabric that has been manufactured for nearly 4,000 years in one form or another, velvet is composed of silk, cotton, or similar man-made fibers. It easily absorbs most dyes, which makes for more lustrous colors. Velvet is a fragile fabric and requires careful maintenance. We do not recommend this fabric for lift chair buyers with pets or small children.


Pride Mobility Quick Ship Fabrics

The most popular upholstery surfaces chosen by our customers for their Pride Mobility lift recliners are Pride Mobility's own Quick Ship fabrics. These are currently available in Moss, Marine, Wine, Wheat, and Taupe, Quick Ship fabrics are easy to apply to a base lift chair model, which allows the chair to ship more quickly after you place your order. Generally, if you choose to have your lift chair covered in a Quick Ship fabric selection, your order can be processed and shipped within 48 hours. Though the color selection is more limited than that of the more expensive fabrics, the range of offerings is wide enough to find a color that is sure to collaborate well with your existing decoration scheme.



Suede is made by splitting genuine leather to create a plush velvet-like fabric. It is susceptible to water damage and staining. Suede should always be cleaned with a dry sponge or specialized suede brush. It can also be treated with a silicon spray and then rubbed with sandpaper or an emery board; the silicon will make the fabric more resistant to water damage and soil build-up, and the sandpaper restores the softness of the material. Due to the delicate nature of  suede fabric, we do not recommend suede upholstery for lift chair buyers with pets or small children.


Ultrafabrics Ultraleather

Ultraleather offers the look and feel of leather, but is more durable than genuine hide upholstery. With a durability rating 13 times the industry standard for heavy-duty fabrics and built-in stain resistance, this water-repellent polyurethane upholstery is built to outlast the trials of an active, bustling lifestyle, such as wear-and-tear from pets and children. Most stains can be removed from your Ultraleather lift chair with the use of water, soap, and/or common alcohol-based cleaning solutions. Ultraleather is also highly resistant to temperature changes, remaining cool to the touch even when exposed to direct sunlight and resisting the stiffening and cracking of normal leather in cold weather. This upholstery can be easily disinfected without damaging the fabric by using a basic 5:1 water/bleach solution. 

Ultrafabrics utilizes a number of production techniques which are specifically engineered to minimize the environmental impact of their fabrics. Ultraleather is free of formaldehyde and all other carcinogenic VOCs and POPs, and is manufactured using a process which recaptures 99% of all solvents, minimizing the carbon footprint of your lift chair and making Ultraleather a healthier choice for our planet and your family than traditional leather and vinyl upholstery.



Often referred to as faux leather, vinyl is a plastic resin made from chlorine and ethylene. It is non-breathable, which allows it to absorb and contain heat. Vinyl is an excellent alternative to genuine leather for the thrifty lift chair shopper. It is also fully recyclable.


  • Almondine Fabric

    Almondine Fabric
  • Oatmeal Cookie Fabric

    Oatmeal Cookie Fabric
  • Raspberry Sorbet Fabric

    Raspberry Sorbet Fabric
  • Wine Fabric

    Wine Fabric
  • Moss Fabric

    Moss Fabric
  • Taupe Fabric

    Taupe Fabric
  • Wheat Fabric

    Wheat Fabric
  • Marine Fabric

    Marine Fabric
  • Cocoa Micro Suede - LC105

    Cocoa Micro Suede - LC105
  • Fern Micro Suede - LC105

    Fern Micro Suede - LC105
  • Sandal Micro Suede - LC105

    Sandal Micro Suede - LC105
  • Sky Micro Suede - LC105

    Sky Micro Suede - LC105
  • Bourbon Genuine Leather

    Bourbon Genuine Leather
  • Putty Genuine Leather

    Putty Genuine Leather
  • Mesa Brown Sugar

    Mesa Brown Sugar
  • Mesa Desert Sand

    Mesa Desert Sand
  • Mesa Shadow Blue

    Mesa Shadow Blue
  • Expresso Padded Suede

    Expresso Padded Suede
  • Burgundy Lexis Vinyl

    Burgundy Lexis Vinyl
  • Royal Blue Lexis Vinyl

    Royal Blue Lexis Vinyl
  • Mushroom Lexis Vinyl

    Mushroom Lexis Vinyl
  • Black Lexis Vinyl

    Black Lexis Vinyl
  • New Chestnut Lexis Vinyl

    New Chestnut Lexis Vinyl
  • Chocolate Plush Velvet

    Chocolate Plush Velvet
  • Berry Plush Velvet

    Berry Plush Velvet
  • Cappuccino

  • Clover

  • Malt

  • Terra Cotta

    Terra Cotta
  • Gumball

  • Buff UltraLeather

    Buff UltraLeather
  • Fudge UltraLeather

    Fudge UltraLeather
  • Garnet UltraLeather

    Garnet UltraLeather
  • Nile UltraLeather

    Nile UltraLeather
  • Pecan UltraLeather

    Pecan UltraLeather
  • Raven Wing UltraLeather

    Raven Wing UltraLeather


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