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4 Lift Chairs Announces New Conversion Kits!

December 29, 2011 - Raleigh, NC - 4 Lift Chairs, an online retailer of lift chairs for the elderly and disabled, is excited to announce that they will now be carrying a new line of walk in tub conversion kits.

“These conversion kits are designed for people that either cannot afford a walk-in tub or simply cannot handle the construction issues that might arise when you purchase one,” says Vice President of Sales for 4 Lift Chairs Tim Ziehwein. "Purchasing a Walk-in tub conversion kit, is often times much easier than having to buy a walk in tub for your home."

The new Walk-In Tub Conversion Kits are manufactured from AmeriGlide and allow homeowners to quickly turn their shower or bathtub into a walk-in tub or shower without having to buy a completely new bathtub for the bathroom. They can also be used to make the tub or shower accessible to wheelchair users. The kit takes about 4 hours to install and is usable within 24 hours after installation is completed.

“We are excited to start helping people's bathrooms accessible again.”

About 4 Lift Chairs

4 Lift Chairs is an online retailer of lift chairs and mobility aides, for the disabled and elderly. Their product offerings include lift chairs, bath lifts, and walk in tubs, for the elderly and handicapped. For more information please visit www.4-lift-chairs.com.



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