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Sterling 311 Bath Lift Introduced to 4 Lift Chairs Inventory


Sterling 311 Bath Lift Introduced to 4 Lift Chairs Inventory



Today, 4 Lift Chairs, a distributor of home lifting aids, added the Sterling 311 Bath Lift to their inventory. This bath lift, which is based off of the Sterling 303, 4 Lift Chairs most popular and best selling bath lift. The new Sterling 311 is very lightweight and offers many design improvements over its predecessor.


March 9, 2009 - Today, 4 Lift Chairs officially announced the introduction of the Sterling 311 Reclining Bath Lift to their inventory. This new bath lift, called the Bath Bliss Reclining Bath Lift, offers some great new features and design improvements. The Sterling 311 Bath Lift, replaces the Sterling 303 Bath Lift, which was 4 Lift Chairs most popular and best selling bath lift.


One of the most significant changes to the design of the Sterling 311 Bath Lift is that its patented clip together frame is now made entirely of plastic. This greatly reduces the overall weight of the bath lift. It now weighs approximately 25% less than its predecessor, weighing approximately 23.5 pounds. The reduced weight of the Sterling 311 helps make it easier to lift into or out of the bath tub and making it easier to travel with. The base and seat of the frame also stay together when lifted, which helps to ensure that moving the bath lift is easier.


The frame is not the only part of the bath lift that has been improved though, with the Sterling 311 Bath Lift now offering six suction cups, providing a more solid support base. The battery handset also now utilizes a special nickel metal hydride battery, which offers a longer and more efficient batter life. This handset is backwards compatible, meaning it can still be used with the Sterling 303 bath lift.


The way the bath lift relines has also been changed to offer 3 different reclining positions This allows the user to choose a 45, 35, or 10 degree recline position. The washable bath lift cover has also been redesigned, making it much easier to put on or remove.


Gerry Graham, the CEO of 4 Lift Chairs, was very excited about these improvements, saying "The new Sterling 311 is a great value and even with all of the design improvements, we are able to keep the price the same as the Sterling 303 was."


4 Lift Chairs is one of the leading suppliers of home lifting aids like bath lifts and lift chairs. They are based out of Mesa, AZ.

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