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Lift Chair Styles

Golden Lift Chair Most Golden lift chairs are made with either sewn back cushions, which offer similar levels of padding for both the back and the head rest, or cascading pillow back cushions (sometimes referred to as "waterfall" style), which tend to offer better back support. Cascading back cushions are often zippered to allow the user to add or remove layers of padding to suit their individual preferences. A few also are manufactured in button-back style; button-back chairs tend to be firmer than other styles of lift chair backrests. Some of the most uniquely styled lift chairs made by Golden include:


Pride Lift ChairPride lift chairs use similar styles as the Golden models, but tend to be more consistent within their product lines; for example, most of the chairs in Pride's Heritage Collection are button-backed, meaning that they will be firmer than other Pride lift chairs. Additionally, Pride offers several lift chairs that are uniquely styled for certain uses. The most prominent examples of these are:


  • The LC-900 Media Lift Chair, which is made especially for watching television for extended periods of time and is best accessorized by the Media Wedge, a companion arm rest console with built-in storage space and cup holders.
  • The LL-770L Lift Chair Bed, a large lift chair that is packaged with a full-length mattress for long naps and overnight sleeping.
  • The Pride Leather Lift Chair, with cascading pillow back cushions. This is the only chair in our product catalog which is upholstered in genuine leather.


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