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What Size Lift Chair Is Right For You?

Gerry Graham, President, 4 Lift Chairs    "Like most things, sizes of lift chairs are primarily small, medium and large. What is not like most things is the person who is going to be using the lift chair. People come in all shapes and sizes and don't always fit into a simple small, medium, large description. For example, as we get older our upper torso shrinks. A person who was once 6' may now be shorter but still has the longer legs of a six-footer. Seat height and seat depth therefore become important. We wouldn't want this person who is now a medium size person to choose a medium size chair and end up with their feet hanging off the ottoman. In other words, seat height and seat depth are more important here than the mere size of the chair."

- Gerry Graham, President, 4-Lift-Chairs.com


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Lift Chair Sizes4 Lift Chairs carries a wide selection of lift recliners available in a range of sizes. In many cases, the same model of lift chair is available in multiple sizes. If at any point you're unsure as to what size lift chair you need, we have product specialists standing by to assist you with your selection. Simply dial 1 (800) 736-0214 and a representative can answer any questions you may have.

One very simple way to determine what size lift chair you require is to consider the furniture you already have in your home. If you currently own a standard recliner which you find comfortable, simply measure the distance from the floor to the seat, the width and depth of the seat, and the distance from the back of the seat to the top of the back rest. We can use these measurements to match you to a chair with similar dimensions.

If you don't currently have a recliner chair that suits your desired level of comfort, you can still acquire the necessary measurements to ensure that your lift chair will be the perfect fit. It may be necessary to  have someone assist you with these measurements depending on your personal level of mobility.


  • Measure the length of your leg from the bottom of your foot to the back of your knee. This will determine how high the chair needs to be from floor to seat.
  • While seated, run a tape measure side-to-side underneath your bottom. This will tell you how wide the seat of your lift chair needs to be.
  • Also while seated, measure from your bottom back to the midpoint between the back of your knees. This measurement tells you how deep the seat of your lift chair needs to be.
  • Again, while seated, measure from the bottom of your back to the top of your head. This will help determine how high the back rest of your lift chair should be.
  • Finally, you'll need to weigh yourself before ordering. Every lift chair has a specific weight capacity. We recommend adding 10% to 15% of your total weight to this number to offer some "padding" that offsets difficulties caused by potential weight gain in the future.

With these measurements in hand, it's easy to determine which lift chair best suits your proportions. Every lift chair featured on 4 Lift Chairs includes full measurement details below the chair's description, in the section labeled "Product Specifications". Compare your measurements to that of the chair; this will give you an idea of whether the chair is a good fit for you.



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