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AmeriGlide Bathtub Walk-In Conversion Kit

  • Manufacturer: AmeriGlide
  • Model Number: BATH-WALK
Product Review
  • Water Tight Door In Place
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Save hundreds when you purchase an AmeriGlide Bathtub Walk-in Conversion Kit. This kit includes professional installation in the price, although you can purchase a DIY option. It works with your existing bathtub and features a non-skid threshold with a smooth entry that meets ADA guidelines, making it a great fit for either residential or institutional use. The installer will cut out a section of your bathtub and fit it with an easy to see granite colored lip for a nicely finished look, ending with a 24" opening when completed. Simply walk in, hang the automotive grade steel panel on the pegs and let it fall. The magnets will pull it to the rubber seal, making it watertight. If you have issues with standing and sitting in the tub, please see our bath lift options. The AmeriGlide Bathtub Walk-in Conversion Kit is compatible with any type of tub, takes only 2 hours to install, and can be used 24 hours later. 

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Product Specifications *
  • Min Opening Width Created: 24"
  • Max Opening Width Created: 24"
  • Step Height Created: Tub Height Minus 9" or 12"
  • Shower Chair Accessible?: No
  • Bathing Still Possible?: Yes
  • Showering Still Possible?: Yes


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