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Medicare Reimbursement

Medicare Lift Chair Reimbursement

Currently Medicare will only provide reimbursement for the seat lift mechanism of a lift chair, which is typically less than $300.

Need a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CME)? Download a printer friendly version here.

The following information was obtained from medicare.gov.
To receive reimbursement, the insured must be unable to stand without assistance from any chair in their home, but once standing, they must be able to walk on their own and without assistance. It should be noted, that this must be true of all chairs in the home and not only a specific type of chair.

The insured must also have a severe neuromuscular disease or case of arthritis that affects the hip or knee. The lift chair is required to be a prescribed part of a medical plan to treat this disorder.

The lifting mechanism in the chair must also meet some special requirements. It must operate in a smooth fluid motion and use an electrical lifting system. The insured must be able to use the lift chair without assistance.

To receive Medicare Reimbursement for the Lift Chair, a doctors prescription is required. The doctor must also complete a Certificate of Medical Necessity, which provides more detailed information and can be downloaded Here.



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